Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson: USAT Certified Triathlon Coach for athletes from beginner to Ironman

Triathlon Coach - Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson - Tulsa, Oklahoma -

I am a competitive triathlete with over 14 years of experience in Multisport events and training, ranking nationally in my age group. I am a Level One Certified Coach with USA Triathlon and a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise). I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I do personal coaching. I also coach athletes online. I have coached people at all levels, including many first-time triathletes and can help you achieve your triathlon and fitness goals. Services I provide for clients include:

Develop distance-specific triathlon training plans
Get you started on your first triathlon
Sharpen your skills in the three disciplines
Oversee triathlon-specific weight training
Provide triathlon-specific stretching exercises
Give you pointers (triathlon gear, triathlon transitions, and triathlon race strategy)
Oversee and coach speed work
Provide swimming instruction and swim tips

Contact me at 918-760-7167 or email me:

2008 Redman Aquabike Race Report

Weather predicted was cool, in the 60’s at the start. But race morning seemed humid and just comfortable, maybe low 70’s??. I generally don’t wake up hungry so I usually wind up eating on the way to the race. I had one GU and a bottle of water. While waiting for the start I was able to get down a mojo bar. The Friday before the race was a hurried mess. more

Triathlon Swim – Triathlon Swimming Tips from Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson

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Click above to watch the 3-minute swim class by more

Triathlon Training Plan – Triathlon Coaching

MONTHLY COACHING PACKAGE: All coaching starts with a 1-hour consultation (conducted in-person for local Tulsa-area clients and over phone and/or email exchange for others). During this consultation I get more

Triathlon Run: Tips for a strong running leg in your next triathlon

Get to know the course for your goal races: It is a really good idea to get to know the race course – esepecially for your “A” races (see more about triathlon training plans here) before you race on it more

Triathlon Bike: Tips for a strong bike leg in your next triathlon.

Ride your bike. This will sound simplistic, but it is true – the best way to improve your cycling is by riding your bike. Put in miles so you are comfortable in the saddle for long periods of time. Ride varying terrain, especially rolling more

How To Pack a Bike Case for Your Next Triathlon

Heading out of town for your next race? Here are some tips for packing your triathlon bike.

Is your next big race halfway across the country? Traveling a long distance to a triathlon adds a lot of additional stress and potential problems before the starting gun even goes off. Here are some tips on how to pack your bike and gear so that everything gets to more

Triathlon Bike: Triathlon Bike 101 Getting Started

I met with one of my new triathlon clients and I was reminded of how hard it is to coach someone from a distance. Here are 7 things I discovered during the first 5 minutes after I begged him to bring his bike to one of his swim training sessions. Hopefully more

“Help! I Sink Like a Rock!” – 5 Tips to Help You Swim Level In the Water During Your Next Triathlon Swim.

I got an email from a beginner triathlete that went like this: “Can you help me with my triathlon swimming? When I get in the water I sink like a rock and can’t keep myself near the top of the water. Any tips?”

This is a pretty common problem for triathletes struggling with their more