Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson: USAT Certified Triathlon Coach for athletes from beginner to Ironman

Triathlon Coach - Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson - Tulsa, Oklahoma -

I am a competitive triathlete with over 14 years of experience in Multisport events and training, ranking nationally in my age group. I am a Level One Certified Coach with USA Triathlon and a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise). I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I do personal coaching. I also coach athletes online. I have coached people at all levels, including many first-time triathletes and can help you achieve your triathlon and fitness goals. Services I provide for clients include:

Develop distance-specific triathlon training plans
Get you started on your first triathlon
Sharpen your skills in the three disciplines
Oversee triathlon-specific weight training
Provide triathlon-specific stretching exercises
Give you pointers (triathlon gear, triathlon transitions, and triathlon race strategy)
Oversee and coach speed work
Provide swimming instruction and swim tips

Contact me at 918-760-7167 or email me:

More Info on Open Water this Saturday

Topics Include
1. Entering water – beach starts
2. In the water starts
3. Positioning at start
4. Drafting in the water
5. Sighting
6. Turning at buoys
7. Exiting water
8. Handling wind and currents
9. Analyzing a swim coarse
10. Equipment

We have a few spots left in each time slot. Please e-mail me at to get your name on the roster for a class. Let me know what time works best for you. Feel free to stay and check out the Tri Tulsa coarse. Bring out the coarse maps and ride or run. Not to often is the coarse in your own back yard! see coarse info tab…

These classes are Saturday morning, August 27th. New to Open water – 8AM, Veteran Swimmer 9AM, and New to Open Water 10AM. If these classes over flow I will also do a 11AM class. Fee is $10 and includes park entry and snack for after the class.

All classes are 15 to 20 minutes of instruction followed by 20+ minutes of swimming. Newbies will stay close to shore and have the option of using a float to get comfortable. I will also have a few swim buoys out in the cove.

NOTE: Please bring bright colored swim cap and ALSO>>> The lake is not crystal clear – it may stain light colored clothing. I usually keep an old swim suit set aside for lake swimming or wear dark colors.

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