Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson: USAT Certified Triathlon Coach for athletes from beginner to Ironman

Triathlon Coach - Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson - Tulsa, Oklahoma -

I am a competitive triathlete with over 14 years of experience in Multisport events and training, ranking nationally in my age group. I am a Level One Certified Coach with USA Triathlon and a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise). I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I do personal coaching. I also coach athletes online. I have coached people at all levels, including many first-time triathletes and can help you achieve your triathlon and fitness goals. Services I provide for clients include:

Develop distance-specific triathlon training plans
Get you started on your first triathlon
Sharpen your skills in the three disciplines
Oversee triathlon-specific weight training
Provide triathlon-specific stretching exercises
Give you pointers (triathlon gear, triathlon transitions, and triathlon race strategy)
Oversee and coach speed work
Provide swimming instruction and swim tips

Contact me at 918-760-7167 or email me:

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We start February 1st. If you want to get in for privates before February just let me know.

Sign up online here:

TAT Membership also Required

Hope to see you at the POOL! : )

Coach-Janet and TAT Winter Spring 2016 – Swim Camps

Beginner CAMP! Intermediate CAMP! Beginner CAMP! Intermediate CAMP!

1. Learn to swim or Beginners (LTS): For those new to triathlon or continuous lap swimming. 8-session camp. Goal event is 400 mtr swim at Spring Fever in April.

2. Mastering the Mile (MTM): For intermediate swimmers who want to become faster and more efficient in the water. The workouts are tailored to the participants. For those looking to do a fast Sprint, Olympic or Half Iron Man distance. Requirements: Able to Swim a 500 continuously.

LTS & MTM classes include: One Video of your stroke with detailed e-mail of what to work on, drill instruction, dry land exercises, and pacing and mental prep. for race day. Also includes workouts to do between classes and personalized swim notes.

Where: ORU Aerobics Center 50 meter indoor pool.

Learn to Swim – Monday nights 6 to 6:45 PM, 8 weeks
Mastering the Mile – Monday nights 7 to 8 PM, 8 Weeks

Date: Camps will start the week of February 1st. Each class size is limited to aprox. 12. Sign up early!

LTS & MTM Cost: $125 + TAT Membership

E-mail me Janet Wilson at Build Your Swim
USAT Certified Coach and USA Masters Certified Swim coach

Other available Classes and Services

Video Analysis and Session $80. Includes 1 hour coached session, u-tube video and detailed e-mail on what to work on. Get instruction on drills to correct swim stroke and pointers to develop into a efficient strong swimmer.

Private Sessions are $50 per hour.

Packages of 3 hours for $140 due at first class.

Shared two person hours only $60. You arrange the sharing. Good for couples, co-workers, family and friends.

Personalized workouts $5 each. Keep your progress and development going between sessions, with personalized swim workouts.

Most of my classes and lessons are at ORU pool 50 meter indoor facility.

Other Information on Swim Classes

TAT Coach-Janet Ready for Spring Camp
Map of ORU –
We are in Building H Cooper Aerobics center. The best parking lot is the one closest to the building along 81st street. It’s a good walk to the Aerobics center and up a hill. You will enter at the NW corner of the building. Let the Front Dest know you are here for the TAT camp. On your first visit they will have you fill out a form to use the facility. You may want to give yourself at least 20 minutes to walk, sign up at front desk, get to locker room, change, and meet and greet your fellow campers on your first night.

Most of you might know that this pool hardly ever closes. It is not along an exterior wall and is on the 1st floor of a two story building.

To get the most out of the camp you need to swim at LEAST 2 other times per week. The classes will last about an hour. Beginners starting out will not be swimming for the entire hour.

I will be videoing your swim stroke in the first few weeks. Links to your videos will sent to you with a link to a private U-tube account.

No small cut speedos for the guys and only one piece suits for the girls (ORU rules).

Check your goggles that they are good to go, ear plugs, nose clips (for drill work). You will need a towel and girls usually like to wear a swim cap, showers are available in locker rooms.

Remember to bring your TAT membership card on the first night.

By the 4th night of class please pick up and bring to class a 6′ of longer stretch band or elastic tubing to do out of water exercises

Beginner class by the 4th class or so, needs to have a way to time yourself. You can use the pace clock or a watch you can easily see.

Mastering the mile Campers need to have a way to time your self that is easy to use and see at the first class.

Satisfied Swimmers!


Thank you for the swim lessons. I feel much more capable in the water now. My Tri Tulsa swim time was much improved over last year! (38 minutes to 28:30s) I am sure some of it was wet suit and calm water, but I did remember the form work you taught us and was able to apply it. I have Redman in a couple of weeks and don’t fear my swim time will take me too far out of contention. I plan to continue through the Winter and be even faster for next season!

Thanks again,
Paul K.

My time for the swim was about 42 mins. BUT, I am pretty pleased considering I had to hang on to one of the boats for 5 mins to catch my breath. About 1/4 into the swim I could smell smoke and got kinda choked up from it. I am glad I was able to finish, and felt strong. I know your class has improved my stroke tremendously and I will continue to use the drills you taught. Thanks again!

Jill D.

[Cyndee broke a bone in her foot]
…that’s why I have for you Coach! I’m so happy I did the Tall Chief Challenge today and so grateful that you reached out and nudged me to do it. The experience was spectacular.

I used so many of the skills you taught in the swim clinic. A couple of things I was particularly grateful I learned about were treading water and sighting. I was surprised when I learned it was an “in the water” start, but so glad that we had practiced treading water in class. The outbound portion of the swim was into the sun and I couldn’t see buoys for anything. That’s where the landscape helped me. I found a pointy tree along the ridge ahead and it was a perfect way to guide me in the water. There was so much more of your advice that I thought about as I swam (including enjoying the scenery), but mostly I had warm thoughts of you and how happy I am that you are so willing to share your skills with us novice swimmers!

When I signed up for your class, my stated goal was to do Tri Tulsa. Even though that didn’t work out, your training brought me to a more confident place with open water swimming. A classic case of getting what I needed rather than what I wanted; and really so much more meaningful and enduring!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I raced today. The swim training was very helpful including the open water swim last Thursday. Finished well overall and took my age group. The swim set me up for this, since I did fairly well and was able to build on a good swim. More important it was a great day and everyone enjoyed it!

Again, Thanks


Sunny Swim Start



More Info on Open Water this Saturday

Topics Include
1. Entering water – beach starts
2. In the water starts
3. Positioning at start
4. Drafting in the water
5. Sighting
6. Turning at buoys
7. Exiting water
8. Handling wind and currents
9. Analyzing a swim coarse
10. Equipment

We have a few spots left in each time slot. Please e-mail me at to get your name on the roster for a class. Let me know what time works best for you. Feel free to stay and check out the Tri Tulsa coarse. Bring out the coarse maps and ride or run. Not to often is the coarse in your own back yard! see coarse info tab…

These classes are Saturday morning, August 27th. New to Open water – 8AM, Veteran Swimmer 9AM, and New to Open Water 10AM. If these classes over flow I will also do a 11AM class. Fee is $10 and includes park entry and snack for after the class.

All classes are 15 to 20 minutes of instruction followed by 20+ minutes of swimming. Newbies will stay close to shore and have the option of using a float to get comfortable. I will also have a few swim buoys out in the cove.

NOTE: Please bring bright colored swim cap and ALSO>>> The lake is not crystal clear – it may stain light colored clothing. I usually keep an old swim suit set aside for lake swimming or wear dark colors.

TAT – Coach-Janet Open Water Clinic – Sat Aug 27th

I am offering open water classes this weekend.

1. New to open water – limit 6 People per class
2. Veteran swimmer – learn and practice open water techniques – limit 10 or
so people per class

Please reserve a spot. Class size is limited so just don’t just show up.
e-mail me at Janet@coach-janet to get on the roster.

Lake Heyburn, near Kellyville OK – about 30 minutes from Tulsa, the same location of the Tri Tulsa events.
Map from web site, expand to see how to get to I44 and Route 33, follow this map to swim and race site.

Schedule for Saturday:
Time 45 minutes classes starting every hour – 8AM New to Open Water, 9AM Veteran Swimmer,10AM overflow sign ups.11AM overflow signups
I will fill classes and times based on responses. Please reserve a spot. Class size is limited so just don’t just show up.
e-mail me at Janet@coach-janet to get on the roster.

Charge $10, includes park entry fee – I am also getting some assistant coaches/helpers to swim with the newbies

Please let me know ASAP if you want to reserve a spot. Let me know what class you are interested in,
e-mail me at Janet@coach-janet to get on the roster.

TAT membership required – bring membership card.

What you will probably swim in at your event. Nose plugs, ear plugs – what ever you are usually swimming with. BRIGHTLY COLORED SWIM CAP- MANDATORY, Goggles, good to have shaded type and a set with clear or light colored lenses. So you can use the type this is best for conditions. Towels, flip flops, snacks, water. No MP3 players or in the water music listening.

Thanks hope to see you at the lake this weekend… : )


Build Your Swim PowerPoint Presentation

Triathlon Swim – Triathlon Swimming Tips from Triathlon Coach Janet Wilson

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Click above to watch the 3-minute swim class by Janet Wilson. You’ll learn 5 keys to a strong swim leg for your next triathlon. Want a larger version? Click here for the triathlon swimming tips page.

  • Swim technique. If you don’t have good technique this is the first thing to work on. You can seek out help from a masters swim program. Sometimes even places that teach kids how to swim will also help adults who want to swim competitively. One of the best programs I’ve seen on triathlon swimming is from the “Tri Swim Coach” Kevin Koskella.
  • Repetition is the key to becoming a strong swimmer. The only way to improve your swimming is to keep doing it. If you are doing a race with an open water swim you should definitely add some practice open water swims to your training plan – you especially need to practice “sighting” in the water (swimming straight to a location). The good news is that swimming is a low-impact way to build your cardiovascular system.
  • Swimming with a group can keep you motivated. A group can keep you challenged to improve. A coached group is also a good place to start. A coach can give you feedback about your form or technique.
  • Upper body strength will help your swimming. As you develop your weight training program, don’t forget to work on upper body and core strength. This will definitely help your swimming.
  • What to wear during the swim. A snug fitting swimsuit – some people wear bike shorts – is best. This makes sure it doesn’t catch water during the swim. For lake swims, if the water temperature is 78 degrees or below you can wear a wetsuit. Most people will wear one if they have the option because a wetsuit helps add to your buoyancy in the water and keeps you warm. If you don’t have a wetsuit you need to get used to swimming in cold water.
  • How far do I have to swim to do my first triathlon? This is probably the number one question I get from beginners. It’s obviously a good idea to be able to swim at least the race distance (usually 500 meters in a sprint race) before you do your first triathlon. However, if your race has a pool swim don’t be worried if you’re not sure you’ll be able to swim without stopping – most pool swims allow you to hold onto the wall at the end of the pool to rest (just remember to keep your feet off the bottom of the pool – check with the race director before your race).