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I am a competitive triathlete with over 14 years of experience in Multisport events and training, ranking nationally in my age group. I am a Level One Certified Coach with USA Triathlon and a Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise). I reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I do personal coaching. I also coach athletes online. I have coached people at all levels, including many first-time triathletes and can help you achieve your triathlon and fitness goals. Services I provide for clients include:

Develop distance-specific triathlon training plans
Get you started on your first triathlon
Sharpen your skills in the three disciplines
Oversee triathlon-specific weight training
Provide triathlon-specific stretching exercises
Give you pointers (triathlon gear, triathlon transitions, and triathlon race strategy)
Oversee and coach speed work
Provide swimming instruction and swim tips

Contact me at 918-760-7167 or email me:

2008 Redman Aquabike Race Report

Weather predicted was cool, in the 60’s at the start. But race morning seemed humid and just comfortable, maybe low 70’s??. I generally don’t wake up hungry so I usually wind up eating on the way to the race. I had one GU and a bottle of water. While waiting for the start I was able to get down a mojo bar. The Friday before the race was a hurried mess. We ate a late dinner so that contributed to the fact that food just didn’t seem doable. I had also forgotten my allergy pills but hoped that that wouldn’t make much difference. I had skipped them before, but this week just being a few hours late taking them was causing a bad headache. I had no headache, I may have tried to get some in OKC but I was feeling fine.


The swim had people lined up across a 50 yd start line. The trip to the first buoy was treacherous. I almost got kicked in the face 3 times; the whole group that was on the long start line was converging on the first buoy. I had to sight every stroke to get a space to swim in. The first ½+ mile was crowded and uncomfortable. The start of the second loop was getting much better and there were about 3 of us swimming together, with little body contact. The second loop I really settled my self down to conserve energy with long slow strokes. Let the lungs heart and arms work together with little kicking. I had only done 4 80+ bike rides and that includes the one 100 miler that I did two weeks ago. 112 was going to be a long way for me to ride. I’ve been doing multisport events for almost 20 years now, but never did an Ironman or wanted to. My long events have been 12, 16 and 24 hr adventure races.  With the foot injury I thought the Full AB would be a neat challenge. Finding only 5 in the US, it was awesome to have one a here in Oklahoma!


Exiting the water the 1:12 on my watch was just what I had in mind. I should be very fresh for the bike. I was pumped – too pumped, and had to talk my self down over and over and over. I thought this is sometimes is a sign that I may be getting sick, when I can’t calm myself for a easy pace workout.


My heart rate was averaging a bit high, but I kept thinking that I could settle my self down and it would just take time. The first 56 miles was at a good pace but I knew I needed to slow down, so I really started talking my self down. I sat up (got out of the aero position). Got off the bike and stretched at a water hand up. I was saddle sore; the shorts that had done so well for me in training were not working. The course had a chat section that vibrated the bike and me for about an hour or more each loop. Eating was becoming harder to do and I had some stomach cramps. At the last turn around I couldn’t take the electrolytes or the food I was supposed to eat. I pulled over and stopped and sat. I needed to slow everything down for a while, my system had shut down. Just a few seconds later a car pulled up and the event staff (THANK YOU!). Poured cold water on me. It was then I realized I wasn’t sweating. I was very warm but not sweating, or maybe the wind was taking it all away? Once they did that I was up and riding again. Now with the drinking and eating, I had to remember to pour water on my self every 15 minutes or so. My energy came and went a few more times but I was recovering faster. I also noticed the large salt rings on my shorts. It really wasn’t that warm out, salt rings happen on those 90 degree + days?? Maybe it was because of the water I was poring on myself – that may have washed it down onto my shorts.


The finish line came around and I was feeling good on the last flat section. Looking for the Aqua bike finish I spotted a sign. It lead me around to the turn around timing pad. Okay I thought, it was like the map on the web site, the pad would be in the parking lot. But the pre race mtg said there would be a separate finish line. I guess this is what they meant?? After walking my bike into and racking it and visiting with my husband and daughter, a guy from the aquabike came in and had a finishers medal. Where did you get that? I asked. He pointed over to across the T2 entrance, over there he said. So I walked over there and found the A/B finish shoot – and crossed and got my shirt and medal. It was great to have a nice finish shoot and a lot safer that trying to finish while running with your bike, but only if you can find it. My time in the results was long by several minutes; Tim was able to correct my posted time on Monday. THANK YOU! 6:33 on the bike was in my expected bike time range, but at the slow end of it. Now that I have come down with a bona-fide cold/sinus infection I think I was fighting it while I was out there.


Next time I’m making some adjustments to my nutrition. I will be sure to take my meds – maybe keep a few extra pills in my purse always. I also need to make the day before the race as stress free as possible, more pre-planning is needed. More training would be nice also but I feel I had a nice balance in my life this year.


This wasn’t an A priority race for me but probably the last multi sport event for me this year. Personal issues this year helped me decide to not have an A priority race this year. I’ve had a great fun year. My foot is healing from several issues and I plan on having some minor surgery on it soon. Maybe next year I’ll get back into full triathlons, I hope. I did enjoy the training more this year without the emphasis on racing.


Thank you to my husband Phil, for putting up with my craziness. Rik Clemet put up with my long slow bike training days. Lisa Wei-Haas for helping me get thru that rainy Dam Jam 100 miles and that 100+ degree 80 miler. Carry and take your electrolytes on the cool rides also! Carolyn Fairless for being a great riding and lake swim training partner. Donna Krutka for helping me be healthier than I have been in several years. I just got bad genes when it comes to the immune system. Every smiling face out there training and racing helps me keep wanting the challenge.


Enjoy the journey!

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